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Central Park Control Console

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Hello everyone. I'm a longtime Jurassic Park enthusiast and decided to join the forum today to ask the million $ question...


I'm always looking to add things to my collection, most recently the JP Deluxe Edition (Which now sits in my JP Jeep-in-progress) and even recreated Nedry's IRIX desktop...but i come up short on the central park control console.

I was wondering if Telltale would ever consider releasing their central park control console as a freestanding program download? It's movie accurate + more, featuring multiple commands as oppose to the simple version floating around the internet. But it's not very convincing when I pull a webpage up for my friends (esp. since none of the hidden commands have worked for me in awhile.) I'm sure it was created by a fan, for the I'd hate to see it kept tucked away in a webpage.

ALSO! I'm always looking to share anything JP related with fans. Recently came across Tour Program Screenshots (10) .png's. PM if interested, and thank you for taking time to read all this.
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