New Sam and Max Shirt?

edited January 2012 in Sam & Max
Would anyone else except me like to see Telltale sell another Sam and Max shirt? I mean, the Max Imp shirt is nice and all, but it doesn't exactly scream "Sam and Max: Freelance Police". I guess I could always just take a scan from the comics and make a shirt from that, but nothing beats Good Old Fashioned Officially Licensed Merchandise. I know there was the '92 comic con shirt, but that was pretty much a temporary thing, and besides I couldn't really get my hands on it (but if anyone was selling theirs, I would suggest PMing me). Although this can be a petition, I more just want to see if anyone else has the same craving that I do. In other news, will Steve Purcell sign more of those posters ever again? How about a hardcover copy of Surfin' The Highway? Is that ever coming back?
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