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Madisun's Arc - Reviews By Darth Marsden

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Hey guys. This is a list of all the videos I've made for my review series, Madisun's Arc. They do get better as I go along, honest! I primarily upload these to Blip, since that lets you preload the videos and, if you use AdBlocker, there's no adverts, but most of the videos also have YouTube mirrors for those who can't use Blip.

Anyway, enough rambling.

There was a great big list of all my videos here, but then - surprise surprise - the new site came along and turned all the YouTube links into actual videos. Around 30 of them.

I spent around 20 minutes trying to change them all over to the new link format, only for it to straight up not work. So now you just get the one link, to my Blip channel -

Screw this site. Screw it with a rusty freakin' chainsaw.
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  • So I'm working hard (or hardly working, hardy ha) on my next review, and as a last second sort-of thing, I've decided to take what was originally going to be the opening section of the review, in which I talk about the 3D Revolution, and release it separately as a sort of opener to the entire sub-genre of games, since I'm going to be focusing on quite a few of them according to my list of planned reviews.

    So here's my look at the negative side of the 3D Revolution. AKA: the 3D DEvolution.

    God I'm witty.
  • Blip version of the 3D Devolution.

    And here's the full review of Simon the Sorcerer 3D. Was planning on putting it on Blip, but they only allow one upload per day, so just this once it's on YouTube first. JUST. THIS. ONCE.
  • I need to go through all of your reviews, but this should be a review you get famous for.

    Oh well, you can't win em all.
  • Finally got round to uploading the review on Blip. Enjoy!

    Oh, and I'm not done with Simon3D. Not by a long shot.

    EDIT: Just realized that YouTube didn't like me using The Bobby Fuller Four over the Rap Sheet montage, so I've had to remove it. There's now a two-minute sequence in complete and utter silence. FUCK. YOU. YOUTUBE.

    Odd thing is, it had no problem with me using a slightly shorter clip of the song in a different video...
  • Hey guys.

    Well,, as much as I loved doing this show (which isn't saying much, editing the things together is an absolute bitch), unfortunately I've had an increase in hours at work which means I simply won't have the time to keep doing this.

    But don't think this means the show is over - oh no. Because my number one fan is my cousin Peter, and once I told him about the situation he immediately leapt up and begged me to let him do it in my stead.

    So I figured "what the hell?".

    And so, presenting the new host of Madisun's Arc: Peter Phillips!


    He's already told me he wants to tackle all the many, many problems with The Lord of the Rings films, so I know you'll be in good hands.

    It's been a great ride and I hope you'll stick with the show. Thanks for all the good times.
  • Darth Marsden;782671 said:
    Because my number one fan is my cousin Peter
    You are so mean to your true #1 fan. Me. :(
  • Dawww... love you too, buddy.
  • I approve of his shirt.
  • I should hope so - it's actually mine from one of my Kickstarters. I just let him borrow it for the promo shot.
  • Good thing you two have the same athletic build. It looks great on him. Is he also wearing your wrist watch by the way?
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