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Madisun's Arc - Reviews By Darth Marsden

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Hey guys. This is a list of all the videos I've made for my review series, Madisun's Arc. They do get better as I go along, honest! I primarily upload these to Blip, since that lets you preload the videos and, if you use AdBlocker, there's no adverts, but most of the videos also have YouTube mirrors for those who can't use Blip.

Anyway, enough rambling.

There was a great big list of all my videos here, but then - surprise surprise - the new site came along and turned all the YouTube links into actual videos. Around 30 of them.

I spent around 20 minutes trying to change them all over to the new link format, only for it to straight up not work. So now you just get the one link, to my Blip channel -

Screw this site. Screw it with a rusty freakin' chainsaw.
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  • They weren't vampires as much as just guys with fangs going RAHHHH a lot and breaking things and being bland. Oh, and you know what I just realized about the lead in the first one. She was a ripoff of Lara Croft. Holy shit holy shit I can't believe I just said the phrase "ripoff of Lara Croft". But she was. I enjoyed that, though, but I would have rather it was a Lara Croft movie. Lara Croft's love interest being a dork with a lot of intelligence regarding ancient cultures and archaeology would be a great story if done right...or better than The Librarian.

    Also when did this become The Librarian thread.
  • I don't know. I really don't.
  • Well, it's what I'm reviewing, so there's a logical leap there. By all means continue, this is great material.
  • Actually, the pun doesn't work, because Wyle is pronounced exactly the same as (Dr) Wiley. At least, it is according to the movie trailer.

    Finally finished editing together the video - it's a shade under my estimated length of 25 minutes, and even then 2½ of those are a kick-ass credits song.

    It's currently converting into an actual video, and then I'll upload it to for all to watch. Should be up in a couple of hours, depending on whether my internet connection hates me or not.
  • GaryCXJk wrote: »
    It was a pun. You see, the main character, Flynn Carsen, is played by Noah Wyle.

    Shows how much I know. But then again, I was fairly insecure about my spelling on that word anyways. Kept on switching between two versions that looked right until I just picked one.
  • Watched. That was quite an improvement over the other review.
    Lot's of positives, I was really impressed.
    Even the audio was better than in the YT preview.

    some minor negatives:
    You experimented with the curtains and it wasn't too good, as you surely have noticed. You were quite in the dark at the end.

    I liked the credits, they were a little too long though. (at least there was a gag-bit at the end so it was worth sitting through that). Try cutting the music you use shorter the next time.

    A personal opinion: I don't think you are good at screaming. It somehow doesn't fit you at all. You may now scream at your screen how wrong I am about that.
  • Thanks for the comments! Appreciate the feedback.

    Experimenting with the curtains would have worked better if I'd remembered to turn my light on! You might have seen me better then. Also, recording in the middle of the day, when it's still sunny, might have helped. It's weird, I didn't notice the light going at the time. Hey-ho.

    I thought the credits were long too, but it was so hard to cut any of that song out. It's just pure awesome. Will definitely make 'em shorter in future though.

    Ideally I would have used the theme tune to The Librarian, but oddly enough they didn't put a clean version of it over the credits, so I couldn't take it from there. I'll have to see if they do it in the second movie, or if I can grab it from somewhere else.

    And you're right, I'm not good at shouting. I'll try something else in the next one - a heavy dose of sarcasm, maybe. Or incredibly bewildering similes. Or alliteration - I enjoy extracting expressions from the English language to entertain and enthral everyone.

    But yeah, I tried shouting, it didn't work, oh well. I'll keep trying until I find something that suits me.
  • As your attorney I advise you to...

    What didn't work:
    Yeah, I was gonna mention the shouting. Also, please...please.....PLEASE do not use more than one That Guy With The Glasses joke in one video. If you must use one, fine, but doing it more than once will make you seem, no offense, like a tool. Thankfully, you used probably one of the best ones you could have picked.

    The Spear of Destiny reference would have worked better had you just had the game appear on screen and not really even said anything. The loud "NO NOT THAT ONE!!!!" kind of made it feel like a joke you were relying on to work and not so much just a reference, and it's a tad bit obscure for that to work.

    The times you made a joke, such as "the mystical blue screen effect" or "old man who gets easily bonked on his bonce", and just did it nonchalantly worked to amazing effect for you, and I genuinely laughed out loud at these. Some of the shouting would have worked except that you did it all the time. And finally, you need to work on sincerity a bit. Complaints work better when they feel like they're coming from the heart so to speak, but the fact you that it as a monologue kind of makes it hard to work in the sincerity you need. This is also my biggest complaint with the TGWTG crew. They monologue their reviews and leave little room for the sincerity their comedy needs.

    The Great:

    For all the moments you lacked sincerity, there were just as many where you had plenty of sincerity. These were the moments that worked the best for you, again. I can not stress how much sincerity is needed not only for a believable review but for great comedy.

    You have a really great screen presence. You look good on camera, and you sound good on camera, not counting the shouting. Also, you have a great camera, and your background is also great. Your writing is spot on, with some great points, and some great jokes. I lost it at the Hardy Boys and Inspector Gadget comparisons.

    So far, you're doing pretty good, in that I want to keep watching your reviews. Unlike Linkara or Film Brain, who I watched one review by apiece and never wanted to watch another. So, you know, I'm saying you're better than Linkara and Film Brain and Nostalgia Chick, and more enjoyable than Spoony is currently, so that's already like a fifth of TGWTG or something I think you're better than on your second review.
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