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Mouse acting up

posted by Murrotavitch on - last edited - Viewed by 1K users
Is there a setting to adjust mouse movement for this game, mouse is very hard to control and makes play difficult to impossible.
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  • Are you trying to eliminate the mouse entirely or just adjust the sensitivity of the mouse?
  • Adjust sensitivity only.
  • There isn't an option within the game but you can adjust it manually in Windows through: start > control panel > keyboard and mice > sensitivity

    Alternatively, you can play with some of the settings within the game and alter the game's speed (thereby making it run faster or slower) which should affect the mouse speed as well.
  • Not sure if mouse lag is your problem, but if it is try adjusting your screen resolution.

    I had the same problem (game would run fine, but it was really hard to move my mouse around) on my imac and adjusted the screen resolution to match that of my computer (the game default resolution was far smaller than the imac).
    Once I did that I didn't have any problems at all. Hope it works for you
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