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Should Jurassic Park The Game have a season 2?

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As it says in the tittle should there be a second season vote and say why and what you would like to see in the game like, plot and characters if there already is a thread this one may be closed.
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  • Of course, a 2nd season of the game would be great but please : change the game play !!!
    the JP universe is so huge to explore and PS3, X360 provide bigger capacities....
    I think it's a good idea to stay on the JP1 movie story.
    Why not a mix of a Doomlike/Uncharted Gameplay in the park ?
  • Tone down some of the cornier moments with actual science-rooted discussions as seen in Chricton's books (less Dr. Sorkin... basically). I liked the interactive movie aspect and though the story, in general, did a good job of capturing the spirit of the series. The mix of wonder and terror is imortant, and no one else has really nailed the tension. I might suggest ditching the weird frame-based navigation for more traditional adventure game character gameplay though, it was kinda awkward.

    Also, for the love of all that is holy, no more generic guy names. Please. No more Billy's. Or Timmys. Or Suzies, etc. This goes triplicate for supposedly hard-core merc murderers. I was actually ok with the QTE emphasis myself, since it helped keep things looking cinematic, but I wouldn't mind if they were de-focussed and instead focus was placed on the puzzles, with the QTE sequences becoming cutscenes instead (or leave it as optional for people who want to watch hilarious death scenes).
  • I want to see a completely new story that takes place after the events of all the movies kind of like a jurassic park 4 starring Jerry Harding, Sarah harding, Jess Harding, Nima and Jeff Goldblume! :D not sure if thats how you spell Goldblume but, what evs :cool:
  • They should have made this story into a film. I think the game is brilliant.even with the few glitches.I would love to see a second season come out.since the game is the beat thing to happen to the franchise since the second film.
  • No the game for me just wasn't memorable. But who knows with the success of Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us, maybe they can create a better experience.


  • NO game not too good for season 2 unlike wolf among us and the walking dead and Tales of Monkey Island atleast these 3 games will prosper and many will play for good storyline

  • YES, part 2, please!! I've been waiting for so long to play Jurassic Park similar to that. Maybe I'd wish to have an open world to explore; but I would be very happy with a similar version, too!!
    Don't listen to such bad comments like in here, some people aren't happy with anything, they are criticizing everything, but don't see how much work is in it. In my opinion, you did a great job and it's a great game, where I can feel back to the first part of the film! I like to play it very often and I'm looking forward to a new game part!
    thanks, go on like that

  • Yes it should, the game is awesome.

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