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Sam and Max season 2 crashing on steam! Help!

posted by 1nsan1 on - Viewed by 346 users
(Note: Sorry if I post this twice, I had a firefox error, and checked the topic list and can't see this thread there, but I'm not sure if the forum has a submit for approval system.)

I have recently purchased Sam and Max complete, my second Steam purchase of a game by telltale (the first being Puzzle agent.) However, I have run into an unexpected problem.

When I first ran 201, it went fullscreen, but nothing happened after that. I could enter steam overlay, but it was a bit stretched (obviously because of low resolution.)

After that, I tried starting it with -windowed in the launch options. That just made it crash on startup, although it was windowed. After I removed -windowed, it still crashed. I tried removing prefs.prop, no effect, it still kept crashing in windowed mode.

Afterwards, 203 finished downloading. (I had 201-4 downloading at the same time.) I tried that, same thing, except after the first retry I tried alt tabbing out, then alt tabbing it, which allowed me to hear some music, but still nothing going on with the screen.

Help? D:

That was the problem! If anyone has this problem, verify the game cache then if that doesn't work, restart steam. It'll probably update with the rest of the game.

Playing at 1440x900, full screen, and it looks great! :D
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