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Best and Worst KQ game?

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Which are the best and worst KQ games, and why?
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  • Best: KQ8.
    Worst: KQ6.

    Or vice versa.
  • Chyron8472 wrote: »
    Worst: Beast in human form in KQ6

    I didn't mind his outfit, it was that stupid wig! He looks a LOT better in TSl.
  • I didn't mind his outfit, it was that stupid wig! He looks a LOT better in TSl.

    I definitely must agree about the wig, even with all the other weird and random stuff going on in that game that wig just seemed super out of place.
  • I didn't mind the wig too much, mainly because it's pretty standard costume for 17th century French Baroque, the style the KQ6 artists were going for. (It's actually a common setting for Beauty and the Beast illustrations--Disney's initial concept designs for their film were very Baroque in style, but the final movie toned it down quite a bit.)
  • I didn't mind his outfit, it was that stupid wig! He looks a LOT better in TSl.

    I personally have to disagree on this...

    ATM is right.
  • I can say that my personal favorite is King's Quest 6, which is followed closely by King's Quest 5. I didn't like King's Quest 7 as much as the others, but it was still a fun adventure game. I never played Mask of Eternity, although I hear that is actually a decent action adventure.
  • Most don't believe it lives up to the King's Quest name and it does have some minor problems, but it is a decent game on its own.
  • I prefer it over KQ7. KQ7 is probably my least favorite.

    I can't say I have a specific favorite, on a given day that could be KQ2, KQ5, KQ6 and KQ8. Just depends on the mood and what I feel like playing.

    Interestingly Of the last two KQ by Roberta, KQ7 was nearly critically panned by most professional reviewers, KQ8 received largely positive reviews.

    Most of the KQ7 critics criticized it has being childish (mixed opinion on the use of cartoony animation and silly elements) and outdated (didn't offer anything new to the genre). Even those who criticized it for oversimplifying the interface.

    Whereas in KQ8 receive mostly positive reviews, based on my research I've found they are mixed nearly 50/50 on if KQ8 stayed true, living up to KQ or was something different entirely. It is certainly one of the most controversial KQ (it shares that distinction with KQ7 (and a lesser extent KQ3 according to Roberta)).
  • From best to worst.

  • I have to say 3 is my second least favorite after 7... It just doesn't have a good puzzle system. Most of the puzzles and items needed in the game are 'written' out in the manual. Those spells are then used for most of the rest of the puzzles...

    It's got interesting atmosphere and a good story, but over did it with the spells vs. regular style adventure puzzles.
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