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Best and Worst KQ game?

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Which are the best and worst KQ games, and why?
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  • BagginsKQ wrote: »
    I have to say 3 is my second least favorite after 7... It just doesn't have a good puzzle system. Most of the puzzles and items needed in the game are 'written' out in the manual. Those spells are then used for most of the rest of the puzzles...

    It's got interesting atmosphere and a good story, but over did it with the spells vs. regular style adventure puzzles.

    I agree. I think you pretty much nailed what I dislike about that game. If the spells had been fewer and a little more limited in their uses (not the solution to practically every puzzle) it would have been a lot better. This is one area where I felt AGDI improved it quite a bit with Redux. :)
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    maybe a bit off topic, but I think Loom and KQ3 are very similar in their approach. KQ3 had a specific number of spells and ingredients listed out for them, while Loom had a specific number of magical songs all based on a basic 5 notes that you had to learn throughout the game.

    However, even once you had accomplished the necessary tasks to learn a new note (and therefor unlock a new batch of songs), it was not always extremely obvious when to use a particular song. Then the fact that songs could be played backwards to a reverse effect added a whole different aspect to the game.

    I bring this up simply because I agree that i was not a huge fan of KQ3 compared to the rest of the series, and I think that the games spell-based style could have been implemented in a stronger way... and Loom demonstrates that for me.
  • Part of the power of Loom's spell puzzles, was spells could be 'reversed' by playing the distaff backwards! You had to experiment to figure out how to use those spells...

    If ever there was a sequel, I would like to play... Loom 2 would be it :(...
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    exo wrote: »
    Then the fact that songs could be played backwards to a reverse effect added a whole different aspect to the game.

    Looks like we were on the same page there.

    Loom was originally designed to be the first part of a larger story (or at least Brian Moriarty now claims it was... he didn't always say this). As an example however, there is a scene in one of the seer spheres that shows a volcano exploding, which was supposed to be in the sequel. There were also several drafts in the spellbook that were unused.
  • As I understood it, the sequels weren't going to be about the weavers but other guilds. The second game being called "Forge"?
  • Loom was ok.. I could never really convince myself to adore it like I do Monkey Island and Kings Quest games.
  • It definitely wasn't the best LA game, but it wasn't the worst either. It was quite interesting, just shallow and a little short. Ehh....shallow is the wrong word, but it's not as "full" as the other LA games. I had a great time in its universe, though. Wonderful game.
  • The VGA/CD version even cut back on the old 16 color version. Removing some of the lines/conversation trees, graphics and IIRC alternative puzzle solutions?

    It's butchered...
  • It did remove a LOT of the closeups and cut down on the text. It's not horrible, though. It does have great music and speech. And the VGA is nice too. I wouldn't say butchered.
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