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IPad games?

posted by Cooper578 on - last edited - Viewed by 322 users
I bought Law & Order Legacies on my Ipad and I want to buy the rest of the series how do I get it? I went to the App store and the only episode up there is #1. I even tried through the game and it goes back to episode 1

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  • You can purchase the other episodes, or the Multi-Pack which includes episodes 2-7, by scrolling left or right on the Episodes menu. They're in-app purchases.
  • I tried doing what you told me to I clicked on the next episode in the game and the only price that popped up is $2.99 so I don't understand why it isn't showing the $12.99 price I really would like to get the whole series.

  • You can scroll left or right on the Episodes menu. The Multi-Pack option is to the left of Episode 1 on that menu.
  • thanks I got it
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