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Issue-56105 and Issue-56187

posted by djross92 on - last edited - Viewed by 165 users
I have sent you several emails inquiring as to where my order is. Would you please check into this and send me my order or refund my money. Thanks.
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  • As I said in reply to both of those emails, the USPS noted that you refused delivery of the package and it was returned to our warehouse. I asked you in both replies if you wanted a refund or the item reshipped and never heard back from you. Please let me know which you'd prefer.
  • I did not receive any replies to my emails except for the automated ones that suggested that I try the Support Forums if I don't get a reply. So that is what I did.
    I would like it resent via another carrier such as FedEx or UPS. I have had numerous problems with my mail delivery.
    Thank you.
  • Sorry, but we're only able to ship via USPS. I'll have another shipment sent out to you as soon as possible, though.
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