ACTA signed - copyrighted material issues - need advice

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EDITED: Ok, thanks guys.


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    1. No, but ever mentioning them again, or going to the sites you got them from, could.

    2. I think you may be fine there, unless a company finds and reports your stuff themselves.

    3. Don't know, sorry.

    4. Same as 1.
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    Andrei, I'm afraid that you may be gonna have to move to the U.S.A. to get away from the ACTA thing! :(
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    Look. I neither know nor care about ACTA. Just make sure you are clear that you don't own any copyrighted material in your videos and I'd imagine you'll be fine.

    If you watch my videos (and if you don't, shame on you), then I put a bit of blurb in the end credits saying exactly that. I can't imagine that people would come after me just because I used a clip from Tron in my videos. It'd be absolute bullshit if they did and people would be up in arms about it.

    So yeah, just make sure you make it clear that you don't own any copyrighted material you may have used, and that your work is purely non-profit, and I'd imagine you'd be absolutely fine.

    And as for your... not strictly 'legal' stuff... just keep that to yourself and no-one gets hurt. If you're gonna go around bragging about how you didn't pay for your video editing software, then you deserve every lawsuit you get, because you're a moron. Discretion is advised here. :)
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    I may need to start oiling my pitchfork to go and protest this thing. Or I shall simply stop watching TV and movies altogether and devote my time to computer games instead. At least THEY know how to deal with the internet properly.
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    i am sure it is only in japan
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    Ok, thanks guys. :)
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