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Whats Up with this? I want an explanation

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why do high graphical video games go into the sports and hunting games? I am being serious on this question why, go to and you will see why! man if telltale did something like this for high graphics, we would all be amazed!! I want an explanation why those companies like cabela's spend a lot of time creating games with high graphics. These games even have higher graphics than the war games. Someone please tell me why this is? and thanks. Oh when you go too the site go too downloads and then video!
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  • From a technical standpoint, lower graphics resolution makes for a wider potential audience. Increase the graphics fidelity too much and you eliminate some of the market, such as Wii or iPad. Also, there are a number of people with only moderate rigs, many of whom are on this very board. Some people on this board have even had trouble running some of the Sam and Max games despite their rather modest graphic demands.
  • Also, think about what it is you're comparing it to. That's a hunting game. No story, plot, or acting to worry about at all. Images, and shooting them. I'm not saying it's easy to make, but hunting games' priorities are different than adventure or visual novels'.
  • Space. Everything is about space. Sports video games have few settings, fewer locations to create, fewer things programmed. The graphics can be of a better quality because they can use that space there. They can make you a kick-ass beautiful adventure game too...if you don't mind just running in circles in a warehouse.
  • Or you know. Could realize graphics don't make the game.

    No I'm not a Ninty fanboy, I honestly believe that.
  • Who would want to play a hunting game? No matter how good it looks. (Maybe I'm just not american enough.)
  • They're pretty popular.
  • DAISHI;579149 said:
    They're pretty popular.
    I rarely see them in stores here. Interesting.
  • They're more in bars and drinking establishments. Hunting games, and golf games, go in the college bars.
  • oh arcade games, yeah okay. They're around. Don't think I've seen golf in a bar though. Maybe racing or street fighter 2 or something.
  • Depending on where you live your mileage may vary, but some places its big due to the local population. I worked for one promoter who absolutely demanded we have some at every bar he built.
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