Favorite Sam & Max Quote?

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My favorite is from Sam & Max 202: Moai Better Blues

Flint Papers:
"Woah kids, you don't want to see Flint Paper's world... I've seen things... *Background pans out* Stay in drugs, don't do school; yada, yada... Just leave the grownups to their business, CAPICHE?"


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    "I want a tattoo of the Netherlands on MY netherlands!" - Max
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    crfh wrote: »
    "I want a tattoo of the Netherlands on MY netherlands!" - Max

    *Walks up and punches Crfh with a boxing glove*
    *Screen Blacks Out*
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    "I dropped something once. I think it was my innocence. Then I dropped my compassion....Now I just drop punks." -Sam
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    "I never thought I'd hear you say "Earth Parallel Development" and mean it." Max.
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    Well, I can think of three of them off the top of my head. First from the cartoon, 'The Trouble with Gary'.

    Max: "'Immense Military Arsenal'...Ha, thats funny."
    Sam: "What? Does my Arsenal look big in thses pants?"

    And from 'Abe Lincoln Must Die!'

    Sam: "'Please Do Not Feed the Submarine'."
    Max: "What can you feed a submarine anyway?"
    Sam: "Nothing. Weren't you listening?"

    And from 'What's New Beelzebub?'

    Max: "Let's stay for a while. I wana see how you give a Giant Stone head a lapdance."
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    "What's the matter little fella? Are you bored? Are you sleepy?"

    "Are you sensing my desire to turn you into a QUIET LITTLE HAND BAG!?"
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    The entire dialogue with
    Sam and The Narrator
    in 305, and the entire dialogue with Sam, Max, Papierwaite and Norrington in 304. Special mention to the "JUNIOR?!" branch though, because it cracks me up every single time without fail.
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    im not sure whats my favourite but one i love is from sam and max season 1 but i cnt remember the episode

    Max: Sam What language is he speaking? Sam: I think it's Eng-lish Max: (Gasps)
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    Also the classic, "I'm a trout, stupid" -max ,HTR
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    After Sam getting off the phone
    Max: Another confused census taker?
    Sam: Actually it was the commissioner with another idiotic and baffling assignment
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    Sam's mom: "Sam, it's your mother calling to wish you a good morning. Be careful, honey and try not to get shot today, okay?"
    Sam: "Doesn't she know I'm old enough to make my own decisions about getting shot?"
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    Max: Amazing! I had no idea my skull was threaded for such easy access
    Sam: Quick! Press down on the medulla oblongata! Five bucks says he smells burnt toast!
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    Wait I have a new one after reading that Strange Kid Club interview
    Max is in drag
    Sam: You look just like my Aunt Trudy before they took her cutlery away.
    Sam: Just the lingering taste of napalm. Otherwise I'm okay, although I can't for the life of me remember the word for orange.
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    There's already a thread for this, guys...

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