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Jurassic Park: The Game - Bugs

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Very annoying repetitive moments in Chapter #2

I finished the third episode, but the first chapter is still locked.


Currently for PC Steam-version.
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  • I cant get past the woman trying to chop her way through the dense forest as no matter what buttons I press it just keeps doing the same scene over and over. Then I tried to change from the mouse and keyboard over to a PC gamepad, that did not work at all and now the mouse and keyboard option is not just ghosted out, but gone. I cant get back to keypad and mouse so the game cant be played at all. HELP
  • Ive been waiting a week now for help
  • ctguy1955;587919 said:
    Ive been waiting a week now for help
    Hey ctguy- did you ever get a response back? I have the same issue, and I've emailed the company for help, but no response. I'm far from impressed with their technical support thus far...
  • I am having same problem with Episode 1 of hacking through forest scenario reloading over and over- why did I just spend $30 on this??:mad:
  • Episode 2 has a MAJOR glitch that prevents me from bypassing or completing a particular section. I've tried three times, but each time I become trapped in the dialogue with Oscar. There's no other dialogue options left, and I can't get out, can't switch screens, can't look around, can't do anything but click the same line over and over again (I took a short video to show, if you want to see it). I've tried to avoid talking to Oscar but it soon becomes clear that you can't "persuade" Dr. Sorkin until you talk to Oscar. This is very frustrating because there's no way to go past it, so I've paid for 4 episodes and will only be able to enjoy 1! That's unacceptable, don't you think? Is there a fix for this, a new download, a CD I can get and try again, is there SOMETHING?
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    After you talk to Oscar, you need to back out of the dialog and talk to Sorkin again.
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