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Star Trek... the Next Thread

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**IRISHMILE EDIT** ok here is your Star Trek thread instead of talking about it on the Kings Quest section.. Enjoy.. we will now return to your previous conversation.............

I'd surely like to ignore the last Star Trek movie (what kind of writer destroys "Romulus and Remus" in an offscreen/minor incident, rather than focusing on it as a major movie in its own right/Why ignore 60 years of Star Trek time travel mechanics? I.E. if you change time, your previous timeline ceases to exist/paradox created, I.E. City on the Edge of Forever (Original Series), Yesterday's Enterprise (TNG) or Past Tense on DS9, etc, thus the need for Temporal Prime Directives, and an agency that monitors for changes in the timeline?)

...or the last episode of Enterprise...

Oh well... unfortunately all future Star Trek shows and movies will take those into account... Nothing I can do about it...
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  • DAISHI wrote: »
    Would you say you're a bigger fan of science fiction or space opera?

    Now, that's a curious question.

    I do like various science fiction movies. However, until I very recently started watching through Stargate SG-1 on Netflix, I would have said that I could only ever get into sci-fi TV series that were Star Trek. [ie. My mom likes Dr. Who, but I've only seen a handful of episodes from both the old and new format; I started watching the first 10 or so episodes of the new BSG show, but stopped; and I've only seen half a dozen or less Babylon 5 episodes. I did like Sliders when it aired, but not enough to actively pursue watching it (though I have since seen the entire series and do not approve of episodes after Jerry O'Connell left the show.)]

    Of the Star Wars Saga, the original Original Trilogy is what I greatly prefer and pretty much only care about at this point, albeit taking exception for good fan edits.

    I have read various Star Trek and Star Wars books, but I find that I'm only drawn to certain authors such as Peter David and Drew Karpyshyn.

    I don't know about the sci-fi vs. space opera genres as a whole, but I would say that in general I like the Star Wars OOT; the Kirk movies (except 5), Nemesis, and Star Trek 09; and all Trek shows (except TOS and TAS). Any of these, were they on television in a circumstance of my surfing channels, I would stop and watch them regardless of how many times I'd seen them or whatever else was on at the time.

    I will add however, that the first 2 TNG movies and SW:ROTS are still watchable, and I might find enjoyment when I watch them again. Also, of Dr. Who, I do recall the (full multi-part) episodes leading up to and following the death of Tom Baker's Doctor, and "The Five Doctors" rather fondly.

    tl;dr version: I like the Star Wars OOT, and Trek 2, 4, 6 and 2009 best of all sci-fi movies, and I care little for any sci-fi TV show that isn't Star Trek. Take from that what you will.

    EDIT: oh, I almost forgot. I agree that George Lucas has no idea how to write or direct a good movie anymore, and I disagree with the notion that Rick Berman has held the Star Trek universe back, though I do think he ruined the Enterprise series finale (which I will never ever watch again, and regret having seen in the first place.)
  • dooble pawst (it's been almost 8 hours)

    Have any of you gone to a Trek convention of some kind?

    I have not. I've also used having never been to one nor dressed in a Trek costume as evidence that I'm a fan of the franchise and not a "Trekkie."
  • I've never been to a convention. Don't have those up here in Canada or at least not many so I'm always too far away. I have owned a TNG uniform in the past. I went as a captain on Halloween once. My brother was my first officer. Had the phaser, tricorder, and communicator toys to boot. That was great.

    And just as a little note, SG-1 gets exponentially better as it goes on. Especially around the 4th/5th seasons. Starts to wane again around 9 and 10 but not as bad as the first season, in my opinion. The beginning is nothing really special, but does start on a very fantastic universe.
  • Netflix says my SG-1 viewing has as yet reached s3e11.
  • Chyron8472 wrote: »
    Have any of you gone to a Trek convention of some kind?
    I've gone to a "general geek convention" at which Patrick Stewart, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy(and other Trek stars) were guests.
  • There was a Comic Con in my city a few months ago. I sadly could not attend. But apparently Leonard Nimoy was there. And there was another event shortly after where Shatner came. That one was freaking expensive, though.
  • Well...I...uh...I went to the Rose Parade and mere blocks away, George Takei was watching THE SAME PARADE!

    ...Yeah, I got nothing.
  • I went to a convention and heard Shatner speak once, a long time ago. Also got to meet David Prowse.
  • Watched Star Trek (2009) again. I love how they treat/explore the characters in ways hinted at by the Prime universe but were never originally talked about.

    Vulcans in the Prime universe, including Spock, generally have a low opinion of humans and other species who show emotion. However, Spock still joined Starfleet (which is dominated by humans) instead of the Vulcan Science Academy: In The Voyage Home, Sarek says "As I recall, I opposed your enlistment in Starfleet. However, it is possible that judgement was incorrect; your associates are people of good character."

    In TOS, Spock played his lute for Uhura in the rec room; and she more than once made romantic advances toward him, even while on the bridge.

    In Wrath of Kahn, Kirk says he "got a commendation for original thinking" after cheating on the Kobayashi Maru test, and I love how 2009 implies that it was a bald-faced lie, since it would make more sense to get in trouble for cheating instead of rewarded for it.
  • Star Trek fans have little right to protest the direction of the new movie. There weren't enough fans watching the show, thus canceled. There were enough fans watching the movies. Bloody hell the movies were still living off the TNG series and it was getting sad. Ratings had been in decline over three series. The new Stat Trek made people excited about Star Trek. Yeah, it wasn't written specifically for the fans, and it was a better movie for it.
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