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[Law and Order] Struggling to download episode 4 and 5 on PC

posted by neos_magus on - Viewed by 309 users
I've been trying the last few days to download episodes 4 and 5 on the pc, but the downloads keep failing. Sometimes it will come up with the error immediately, other times it will manage to download about 3% before telling me to check the connection. I did notice that initially the percentage would keep going up (ie, the next time I tried to download it started at 3%) and I thought I might be able to complete the download by constantly retrying, but now Episode 4 hasn't been able to get past 32% (it keeps downloading from 29% each time I try again).

I've also noticed that every now and then the news ticker on the main screen will say there's no connection, but this is usually resolved by restarting the application.

I'm using Windows 7 64-bit, with a LAN cable to my router which is connected to the internet via wireless broadband. My internet connection is slow, but generally stable. Speeds of usually 40 - 80 KB/s.

I've noticed that no firewall entries were added for "Law & Order", but since it does work occasionally, I wasn't sure if firewall settings was an issue. Is this occurring because Telltale servers are currently too busy with too many people downloading? Or is this something I need to resolve on my side?
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