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Back to performance problem in episode 1

posted by Eater on - last edited - Viewed by 321 users
Although i mentioned my slowdown related to brady cultures "home for child stars" i just finished playing through the game again and MAN was it horrible there. The voices in the scene never managed to keep up and skipped all the way to boscos. I noticed it doesn't really slow down much when i return for the final scene so i guess it actually has something to do with the brady encounter scene there. I might suggest seeing if you can figure anything out on the subject and perhaps releasing a patch for it, and you can also fix the thing about clicking in the top left of the screen causes minimalization in early episodes too. it's really annoying. But i'd be much happier if someone could simply tell me what causes the massive slowdown.
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  • OK so i used to developers doohickey to go directly to the scene and it ran flawlessly(p.s. you should officially name that "the developers doohickey"). I ran anti-spyware/virus and did a smitfraud fix for no particular reason and didn't really seem to catch anything but cookies so I don't figure that would be why, but I don't have time to test it now i'm getting tired and the developers doohickey(interesting how noone seemed to notice this until just after episode 6 was released huh?) causes problems preventing me from using it to go to section close to, yet still before, the scene. So it either has to do with the transition or i got rid of something that was more than you average cookie.
  • well i finally got around to giving it another proper test and there was no problems. oh well. maybe it was just that one time. well and the times long ago on a lesser amount of ram.
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    Ryan Telltale Alumni
    Hey Eater, I'm glad that you got that resolved. The performance issues with recent builds of Sam and Max tend to be computer related.
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