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Menu Bar in the way

posted by Hiroshi Mishima on - Viewed by 281 users
I'm sorry if the title isn't very accurate, I'm having trouble figuring out what to call that menu that's always at the top of the window with the TTG, Store, Games, etc links.

Whenever I'm browsing the forums I find it terribly difficult to click links directly below it. The ones that have TTG Forums, Forum Branch, Sub-forum, etc. Most of the time when I go to click the TTG button, it just brings me back to the main website, which is really annoying.

I think the issue is that the hotspots for those top links extends too far below the buttons themselves. I've been having difficulty on the Escapist forum for similar reasons, their annoying promo ads like to catch any and all clicks too far to the left or right (and on the right is often a LOT of links, which you can't click).

Sorry, go off topic there. But yeah, if there's anything that could be done about having the hotspot on those buttons up top fixed, that'd be really helpful. On on a PC, using Firefox, by the way. Just in case that's relevant.
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