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The Last Tales of Monkey Island - The saga ends (an unofficial Season Two?)

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Aye, buccaneers.
I want to present you a very important project, something we built with a lot of patience, passion, and after a lot of work and research.


LAST TALES OF MONKEY ISLAND is an episodic novel (with illustrations) which purpose is ending the storyline in the Monkey Island Saga, and giving at last a sequel to TALES OF MONKEY ISLAND.
It's some kind of unofficial “Tales of Monkey Island Season Two”, and the achievement of the plot needed a lot of months for studying Monkey Island characters, psychologies, storylines, humour, etc.
Then, I want to give a very, very big thank you to Dave Grossman, because I wrote him on facebook, I sent him some part of the plot, and he gave me some precious idea and advice about the story, making it more complete and interesting. Thanks, man, you're great!

This project had a respectable success among the Italian fandom (in Italy we published five episodes and ended the Part I), and now I decided to work with a translator and to present it to the international fandom. I hope you will like it, too.

So far I will give you some link and four promotional posters. First episode is translated in english yet, but we will begin wih an episodic publication (maybe weekly) only when we will have three or four complete episodes.


Some poster (mixed original-not original art. The final art of the project will be fully original):











And some little disclaimer: this project is no way affiliated with Telltale, LucasArts, or wants to replace an official Season Two. On the contrary, whenever and wherever the Telltale wants to take from this project part of the plot, of the situations, of the characters, of the dialog lines, I would be only glad of it.

Thank you to everybody, we will start soon!
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