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The BioWare / EA / Origin thread

posted by Chyron8472 on - last edited - Viewed by 7K users
I couldn't readily find a thread specifically about Western RPGs or BioWare, so I made one, and expanded the title to inclue EA and Origin in case the topic changed to such.

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  • Hudomonkey;801136 said:
    However Battlefield 4 doesn't have a dog...
    I love those games, and I should be excited.

    But EA...
  • RetroVortex;801139 said:
    I love those games, and I should be excited.

    But EA...
    Yeah. You just know they'll be on Oricock.
  • Trowel of Duty: Garden Warfare: Battle Field of Flowers.
  • RetroVortex;801139 said:
    I love those games, and I should be excited.

    But EA...
    never played mass effect 3, only hearing bad news so far (loved the first two)

    refused to install origin so far

    let's kill them and bring those games back to steam. i really love having everything in one place..

    now what happens to moneky island, sam and max and stuff if lucasarts (burn in hell, you moron george lucas!) has been sold to disney?
  • Sam and Max is not owned by Lucasarts.
  • Secret Fawful;801127 said:
    Battlefront 3 announced and then not talked about at all.

    Dammit. God dammit all. :( Why do they tempt me with Battlefront? I guess it'll be what, 5 bucks to unlock eras other than Rebellion/Empire?
  • Looks like EA is taking backpedalling lessons from Microsoft. Remember how "impossible" it was for Maxis to develop an offline version of SimCity 5? Turns out it's not as impossible as they made it out to be, as they're seriously considering doing an offline port. Of course, hackers proved that offline mode was not only possible, but really stupid simple, but better late than never on EA's part.
  • After the crucial first months and sales have stabilized to a crawl, get a bump by removing evil always-on DRM and get a PR boost.
  • How is it a PR boost to be not be a total dick to consumers?
  • Rather Dashing;811770 said:
    and get a PR boost.
    Do you think this will be a positive boost though?
    The early adopters get the shit version of the game for nothing. While others that waited and got it maybe even cheaper in a deal get a better version. Do you really think this will have no negative effect on the next game they try to pull this on?
    Sim City sold really well for them. If they make it better now all the early adopters will be pissed. Especially since the cities themselves still are too small and they had to play on lower speeds (the fastest game speed was disabled because servers could not handle it).
    What happens once the first addon hits the stores? (It's Maxis/EA. You know they are coming.)
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