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[BTTF] Save/Load

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I purchased all 5 episodes of BttF through this website. I downloaded & installed them on 64-bit Windows 7. I can't find the save/load options. Searching the internet for an answer to this, it seems like this is supposed to happen to pirated copies... But mine isn't pirated. So, how do I save/load?

EDIT: Also, is there any support e-mail for TellTale? I'm not finding one and waiting for a response on a message board is likely to be slow...
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    If you don't see the save/load option in the menu when you hit Esc, make sure you're starting the launcher from the shortcut specific to the episode you're playing.
  • When I select the box to create a desktop shortcut, each episode replaces the previous episode's shortcut. The desktop shortcut goes to a screen where I select which episode to play.

    EDIT: Going through the Start Menu's links instead... Episode 1 refuses to launch, but launching Episode 1 through Episode 2's link produces the save/load options. There's definite bugs in the save/load option present.
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