Help with installing season 1 collectors edition

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I tried installing sam and max season 1 collectors edition. But when I look in the folder I downloaded it in I can only het the seprate games not the launcher. I tried copying autorun from the disc on my desktop but thier were 2 probloms with that also 1.instead of the icon for the season 1 it gave me a blank disc icon. 2. When I try to open it it says error please try again. The only way I can get to the launcher is if I keep the disc in my cd drive is thier anyway to resolve this problem?:confused:


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    You can only run launcher menu from disc, as all of the special features you can get to in that menu are written in to the disc's programming.
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    The original Season 1 DVD had some mild copy protection on it, where the games wouldn't play unless you had the DVD in the drive. I don't know if they got rid of that or not with the collector's edition, but be aware you may have to insert the DVD to play season 1 anyway.
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    thank you for the help!
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