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Patch soon I hope ?

posted by ctguy1955 on - last edited - Viewed by 581 users
I cant go past the part where the woman is trying to get through the woods using a matter what speed or controls I used, it just keeps
repeating itself. I eventually decided to try a PC controller instead of the keyboard and mouse and it would not do anything in the game, but now the mouse is not just ghosted, but invisible where I cant change it back to the way it was before.

I wish I could just get a bot to play the game for me as I dont have the patience to try over and over a million times to get this to work and I feel
its the programming or I need to do something to make it play better.
I look forward to reading other peoples problems and how they fixed it on this forum.

Please come up with a patch or fix for this ??? Thank You.
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  • there is alraedy a topic about this on the other forum :)
  • there is alraedy a topic about this on the other forum :)

    Not so much a patch but how to get it to work, Ive read stuff on the forum and no one is saying what I can do with my pc to get it to run. I cant play the game at all now, because the mouse is not working and I cant change it but the game was stuck in the same scene over and over again before I switched to the gaming pad that does not work, so if you could provide me with the link to which of the subjects I asked about, I would appreciate it.
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