no one answers help when your stuck

Ive left two messages now and no one is answering back, except a moderator who told me it was answered in another thread, which it was not. I cant get my mouse and keyboard back and Im stuck at the part where the woman is trying to hack her way through dense jungle and nothing I press works.:mad:


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    I just watched a video on utube and the guy had problems being stuck in the same place as me, but somehow he got through it and did not mention how. He went from gold to silver to bronze in his attempts. No one here answers back.
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    Try posting in This thread instead: Game Support

    You'll have a better chance of getting official support there.
    In this (Jurassic Park Hints & Help) thread, fans and forum members will try to help if they can, but they don't always have the technical answers you need.
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    Thank you for your answer Mark, I appreciate it.
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    thanks lots...just got my answer from you tube
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