Plustard: The Series - "Fallen Groom" Released!

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As some of you asked, we are taking you "on the set" of our newest project, "Plustard: The Movie".

I'll post the new vlog entries here, in the main post, as we make them. These will hopefully be bi-monthly videos so you can keep up with our progress! the spoilers are kept to a super-minimum, so go right ahead and take a look! Enjoy!

If you have any questions for us that you would like us to answer in our upcoming vlogs, write them here or on our site. We'll check them out and we'll answer every single one of them! :D

Also, thanks to Kiara for the concept art!


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    UPDATE: Head over to our site to check out the first screen tests for the costumes and let us know what you think OR go directly to the super-duper new Facebook Page and give it one big happy LIKE!

    Or click on pic.

    Also, what do you think of the title? :D If you have any suggestions, now is the time to speak your mind! no turning back after this!
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    Plustard! I was waiting for another one of these!
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    Hello, friends! Been a while!

    We're happy to announce that our newest project, inspired by you awesome people here at the Telltale Games Forums, has been LAUNCHED!

    We dedicate this to you, the new and old friends we made here, and to Telltale whose influence can be seen in the first scene already :D
    Click HERE, or on the poster above, to see it!

    If you enjoyed it and you'd like to help us make the next episodes, follow this awesome link! It will take you to IndieGogo, a site that helps people fund their projects!
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    It was everything I could have hoped for and more. I giggled through the entire thing. You done good.
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    Why oh why wasn't this called "Wedding for One"?
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    That was really good, actually.

    However, I noticed one HUGE problem with the IndieGoGo campaign: the Kauff thing.

    If you want to get this to a wider audience, you NEED to change it to a general Plustard trailer or something along those lines. People that don't know who Kauff is will just be confused.
  • Aaaaand here we are, with some fresh statistics on the following 12 Episodes!
    If you have any questions, write them here or under the article you just clicked on. Hope you like the brand new screenshot too! :D

  • Hay guys!

    We have a quick poll for you, image-from-the-set included! Go go go! CLICK HERE!


    ...oh, hey, welcome back.

    Goin' the nuit américaine route, are we now?

  • I DARE show my face because... I worked my butt off for the past two years :D For you awesome people!
    ...and nice to see you again. Er... read you again. :3

    How are things?

    Vainamoinen posted: »

    HOW DARE YOU SHOW YOUR FACE AFTER MORE THAN... ...oh, hey, welcome back. Goin' the nuit américaine route, are we now?


    How much would you AND could you pay for Inspector Plustard? CLICKY

  • Posting here once a month won't get me kicked out or anything, right? :)))

    We're making a vlog, answering questions of fans. If you're a fan and have questions regarding backstage stuff, let us know HERE.

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