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Selling both of my Sketchbooks... :'(

posted by RobD on - last edited - Viewed by 1.3K users
Money's become far too tight for comfort and I've had to make the decision to sell a load of stuff. I really don't want to see them go, but eating comes first, so I'm selling both Effigy Mound and Age of S&M on eBay. Thought I'd give you guys a heads up because I'd like to see them go to a home as loving as the one they've had with me, and I know you guys and girls here probably love them almost as much as me. :(

The thought of selling the hardcover crossed my mind too, but I have to draw the line there. I'd cry like an infant if I sold that... Hopefully I can get them back one day.



Now have Season 2 Case File up for sale:

And my signed Hardback Surfin' The Highway (#661):

:( At least I could still get the paperback when I get enough money. Good luck guys and gals
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  • You could probably get a lot for the hardcover,
    but I´ll be the first to "stoke the bidding fire" on these two.
  • That's why it crossed my mind, but I'd miss it too much. It means a great deal to me, and while I could get the paperback, it wouldn't be the same. Thanks for the help too, I really appreciate it :)
  • Just in case you've not seen, they both end tomorrow. Both currently only at £5 too so it might be your chance to get them nice and non-extortionately ;)
  • :eek: I've wanted them so badly for so long. I collect art books and to find the S&M ones finally? I shall make them mine... the race is on!
  • Come Hell or high water, I'm getting at least one of these sketchbooks...

    Good luck to everyone else! (And thanks for listing these in the first place, RobD!)
  • Final sale on The Age of S&M: $202.42
    Final sale on The Effigy Mound: $77.69

    Man, too rich for my blood... but whoever got them is one lucky dog! So jealous...
  • No matter how much I want one of these books, I still can't imagine what would be in there that would make somebody pay that much.
  • I don't know if they guy who got them both is on here (same person got both) but if you are, thanks so much for helping me out. Hope you enjoy them :)

    I'm actually seriously considering putting the hardback up for sale now (and a season 2 case file which I forgot I had). I could just get the paperback to replace it as it's still available, and needs come first sadly. :( I don't know if there's interest or not for either, so if you are let me know and I'll put them up too.

    Damn you capitalism! *shakes fist to the sky as voice reverberates dramatically*
  • OK, so I made the tough decision. I'm selling the Hardback and Season 2 Case File. Really makes me sad, but it's the sensible grown up thing to do...

    Surfin the Highway:

    Season 2 Case File:

    Hope they get all the loving they deserve in their new homes. Good luck to everyone interested :)
  • Holy shit. I knew the sketchbooks were valuable, but I didn't think they were THAT valuable. I own The Age of S&M and the Effigy Mound as well... Thinking about putting them on ebay now... :S I wonder how much I could get for the Season One case file too. I'd think it totally worth it to sell them to buy that Sam & Max Statue... hmmm.
    I don't really like owning things that are too valuable like certain books etc... It makes me feel like I can't touch them for feel of devaluing them. Then again, I've barley touched the sketchbooks regardless.
    I don't think I could sell my hardcover Surfin' the highway though.
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