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Mass Effect Thread

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Just finished Mass Effect 3 and was having a great time until the last 5 minutes of the game.

The ending you get is probably the most depressing ending and since this is mass effect that´s probably the bad ending right ?

Nope all the endings are almost identical no matter what you do and the outrage on biowares forums are huge.

I would not mind a sad ending but there is no explanation to what happened this is the gaming equivalent to the sopranos ending.

Nothing is really resolved and there is not even an epilogue.

Oh well just look at biowares forums then you know
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  • Well we do have the Origin-Thread that is already misused as the ME3-thread.

    I heard the ending is bad. I have not seen it or know what it is but if it is The Whispered World bad then that's just bullshit.
  • Read a few of the threads. Weak, Bioware. Weak.
  • Sad endings aren't bad endings.
  • The lack of anything good about sad endings are bad.
  • I'm just going to come out and say it. It's video game writing. There's rarely anything good about such.
  • DAISHI wrote: »
    I'm just going to come out and say it. It's video game writing. There's rarely anything good about such.

    That is not an excuse. Great writing is always the exception rather than the rule, but that doesn't mean a half-baked narrative should be acceptable just because it's a video game. Especially not with this whole 'cinematic experience' BS that is pervasive in the games industry right now.
  • Hmm... maybe this will mean the game will go on sale sooner?

    [hopeful look]

  • Yeah but if you've been paying any attention, these cinematic experiences have almost -all- been half baked writing. Doesn't matter if it's Mass Effect, Call of Duty, JRPGs or the like, somehow people have been deceived into thinking it's good writing, but it's not. It is entertaining sometimes, in the same way I think Transformers is entertaining, but good? High quality? Not really. I'm not saying that being entertaining isn't good enough; it is. But even stories that get high marks for storytelling are often still in the 'entertaining' category rather than the 'quality' category.

    Alright so I'm not going to spoil anything for anyone. But, the ending to the game mirrors events that happen in science fiction like the Foundation series (which was amazing) and historically mirrors events in the Roman Empire (which the Foundation series was modeled after in terms of imperial decline). I don't see it as a bad ending in that regard.
  • I don't expect great literary works to be contained within video games. All I expect of them is to be entertaining and not face-palm-inducingly banal. I'm not directing this at ME3 in particular, as I haven't played it yet. Just a general point.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    I just finished the game, and I agree: This is bad, bad writing.

    Although you get to "choose" between two three endings, the choice comes through a stupid deus ex machina (quite literally, actually) at the very end of the game.

    Also, they employ a reality which was completely absent in the three games to shoehorn this "choice" in. This is not about a "sad" or a "happy" ending, this is about an ending that has zero to do with the series. There can not be a feeling of accomplishment for the players. Bioware is now taking a beating because fans demand a "happier" ending. I think what they REALLY want is one that actually makes sense.

    Lastly, who survives and who doesn't depends on a certain score which seems to be massively raised through the stupid Origin multiplayer mode. I did whatever I could to raise this without the multiplayer, and I thought I did things pretty perfectly. To no avail.

    A failure for the ages, unfortunately. :mad:
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