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Mass Effect Thread

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Just finished Mass Effect 3 and was having a great time until the last 5 minutes of the game.

The ending you get is probably the most depressing ending and since this is mass effect that´s probably the bad ending right ?

Nope all the endings are almost identical no matter what you do and the outrage on biowares forums are huge.

I would not mind a sad ending but there is no explanation to what happened this is the gaming equivalent to the sopranos ending.

Nothing is really resolved and there is not even an epilogue.

Oh well just look at biowares forums then you know
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  • I haven't bought part three either and I plan to hold off on it until it moves to Steam or there ends up being more than one game on Origin that I would actually want to play. Because I really don't want to get a whole new game download service for one game.
  • I haven't got it 'cause I haven't seen it cheap enough on the 360. Shallow? Me? Meh.

    (And before you ask - YouTube videos reveal all.)
  • *console master race.

  • Gman5852;685368 said:
    *console master race.

    Hey, I hate Origin and like consoles. Sue me. :)
  • God, I am so sick of the negativity around this ending. I swear, I haven't seen this much hate over an ending since Neon Genesis Evangelion. I seriously do not understand why you guys see it as "shit". And I really am sick of hearing "Indoctrination Theory". If that WERE true, then that makes all three games completely pointless and is just as big a cop-out as if Shepard were to wake up on Earth on a peaceful sunny day to find it was all a dream. I can understand a difference of opinion, but those of you who don't like it parade around your opinion that it's "crap" as if it were undeniable fact. Which it isn't. It's an opinion. So what if Bioware didn't give you the ending you wanted? Is that their job? No. Their job is to tell the story THEY want to tell and make money doing so. You want your own ending? Then open up a Word program and get to writing your fanfiction where Shepard rips out Harbinger's brain with his/her bare hands and then relaxes on a beach with Garrus and Mordin. And personally, I'm of the opinion that there was not going to be a happy ending where Shepard lives with his/her love interest in a house on Earth/Thessia/Palaven/Rannoch.

    In other Mass Effect news, BioWare's finally giving us PS3 players the ability to play Mass Effect 1. Sadly, no release date as yet...
  • Yeah, I saw that Mass Effect Trilogy thing to. That will be when I finally buy the series instead of renting it whenever I want to play a game.

    Dunno if I'll get it on PS3 or PC.

    PS3 would get me to avoid Origin, so probably that...
  • I think the issue is that there's suspicion that Bioware wasn't allowed (via time constraints or what have you) to make the ending that THEY wanted to make. Kind of a KOTOR II type deal all over again. I haven't played the game, but the fact that the ending kinda looks rushed makes me automatically feel like they were pressured into releasing an unfinished product and that they had a more involved ending planned that got cut due to some factor that we will probably never heard about.

    Also, the government can hear my thoughts, but this tin foil hat helps loads.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Conspiracy theory? Hardly. The discrepancy between what BioWare promised and EA delivered could not be greater. So either BioWare has hallucinated/outright lied or EA has cut development time/money.

    I think it has also already been made expressly clear that this is not about wanting a "happy" ending. It is about an ending in which your decisions in a hundred hour total game actually count - nothing less than what was promised. The Mass Effect fans could probably deal with Shepard's death. What they can't deal with is that stupid almighty deus ex machina AI kid that pops up completely out of the blue, put in place by about the most stupid ancient race EVER, who did not even give this AI enough processing power to detect what useless shit it is doing even in the n-th cycle. It's bad writing and has nothing to do with Shepard's former actions, period.

    And I repeat: the "indoctrination theory" would - if true - be even worse writing than what is presently there. Heck, it's bad fan fiction without the obligatory sex.
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