A very stupid question...


I´m new here and I really wan´t to play Back to the Future Part 1. It means, that you can get it for free, but I can´t find anything where I can download it. :( I know it´s a very stupid question and maybe I´m to stupid to find it.

Can someone please help me?
Sorry for my bad english.



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    It should appear to you on this page: http://www.telltalegames.com/bttf

    If you can't find it, here's a slightly longer way of getting it.

    Step 1: Go here.

    Step 2: Click 'Register for Your Free Episode'

    Step 3: At the checkout, put '121GIGAWATTS' into the coupon box.

    Your episode is now free and you fill out the rest.
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    thank you very much McFly! :D

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    Anytime! Enjoy the game! :)
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    hallo wollte es auch versuchen bin also auch neu hier und der will meine kreditkartennummer obwohl ich es auch so gemacht wie der member vor mir :/
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    Hallo DocBrownie,

    egal was du machst, gib auf keinen Fall deine Kreditkartennummer dort ein! Aber das wirst du ja wohl selbst wissen. ;)

    Hast du es auch wirklich genau so gemacht, wie Martin McFly es erkärt hat?

    Grüße / Greetings
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