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  • Chyron8472;587916 said:
    No. People who would attribute Rosella's character in KQ7 (regardless of the game itself) as being worthy of comparing her to Jar Jar Binks--when clearly they don't consider why Jar Jar is so hated--are clearly either trolling, or else bitching because other people complain about KQ7 in general, and they want to join in on the fun by exaggerating a complaint to a ridiculous degree.
    You're still judging the legitimacy of someone else's opinion based on your own, if you only allow differences to a certain degree. The guy clearly dislikes Rosella as do others (at least in KQ7), so who's to say that he doesn't really find her as annoying as he finds Jar Jar? Take any subject of any kind and somebody somewhere has an extreme opinion about it. If you want to pretend they don't and attribute it to trolling, that's your business. But as someone who occasionally has extreme opinions herself, I see too many people who refuse to believe that I believe what I say I believe when I know damn well that I really do believe what I say I believe. :eek:
  • I like Rosella and I like Jar-Jar Binks.

    Bring it, internet.

  • Alexander is the worst KQ protagonist. A soft spoken, gentle, effete wuss. I really dislike him.
  • Besides there is absolutely NO WAY Cedric isn't the Jar Jar of KQ.... I will tickle fight ANYONE who disagrees.
  • Actually technically it would be Jar Jar is the Cedric of Star Wars... Since Cedric came first.

    But personally I don't find Cedric half as annoying as Jar Jar...

    Especially the original floppy based Cedric, isn't annoying at all...
  • I agree actually... The only thing that irks me about him is the voice acting.... Why do so many games an movies think it's a good idea to have a full grown male actor speaking that falsettoish voice? Speaking of that my kids watched a puss in boots rip off movie on Netflix where Shatner spoke in a similar fashion ... Made me want to ground them for subjecting me to that torture... Why hire the Shat as a voice actor and not have him talk like himself?
  • I think Cedric may have arrived after Scrappy-Doo. Besides, the latter is the Trope Namer for The Scrappy!
  • I think Cedric is still a bit manlier than Alexander.
  • Anakin Skywalker;588739 said:
    I think Cedric is still a bit manlier than Alexander.
    I dunno. I can't see Cedric holding a sword and fighting the vizier or turning his slave master into a cat. Cedric saving Graham's life from Mordack was on accident.

    Anyway, the way she's portrayed in kq7, I thought Rosella acted sorta ditzy in that game and after awhile it got annoying.
  • Will you all think less of me because i found KQ7 enjoyable?
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