A Clockwork Orange

In Episode 3, the social conditioning was very similar to the conditioning in the book A Clockwork Orange. Especially the part about getting physically sick when thinking about breaking the rules. Did anyone else notice this?


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    It's pretty obvious, as that story is quite famous. I've seen it parodied most blatently in an episode of the Simpsons when Mr. Burns was training Santa's Lil Helper to be his new guard dog.

    They showed a film of a tank driving over a doghouse! Why would a tank drive over a doghouse!
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    Zach, (can I call you Zach?) it's similar to Clockwork Orange and to 1984. But that's okay. They are two wonderful books that I have on my shelf. I think it's great that they incorporated those ideas into Doc Brown and Edna Strickland's dystopia. Back to the Future has been known to give nods. They certainly gave some nods in their previous movies to other cultural aspects. Yes, it was more blunt in Back to the Future the game, but it was still awesome.
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    P.S. I forgot to mention, thank you for mentioning the "book Clockwork Orange," instead of "movie." An earlier poster said it was a rip-off of the Kubrick film. It shouldn't but it drives me up the wall that no one was able to tell him that it was a book by Anthony Burgess before a movie by Kubrick, before it was locked.
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