mattel back to the future action figures ?

i heard awhile back that mattel will be making a back to the future toy line , i heard this awhile ago but heard nothing since , im not even sure if they will be made ? does anyone here know anything ?


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    Yeah, Mattel has the rights to make Back to the Future toys. They made a big fuss at San Diego Comic Con about their first product, which was packaged in a cool plutonium case, but it was not revealed until the convention what it actually was, which was a hot wheels bttf delorean. All that hype for that. Not at all what everyone was expecting.

    I believe that they do have likeness rights for Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd, but not the rest of the cast. As you may know, Mattel also produces Ghostbusters figures based on the movies. Many collectors have complained about a lack of variety with that line because many of the releases are they same four guys in different clothes, or with alternate paint jobs, and not many ghosts and side characters have been done. I'm sure Mattel is considering how best to approach Back to the Future, where they only have the ability to do figures of Doc and Marty (and I guess also Marty's future kids and Seamus).

    The only real shred of news on this has been recently when they annouced preorders for the full sized replica hoverboard. If you preorder it, you also get a smaller one as bonus that is scaled for six inch figures. This seems to hint at least some figures will eventually be made, but they refuse to actually confirm anything.
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