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Sam & Max Character Alignments

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(Don't look if you haven't finished The Devil's Playhouse yet, there's spoilers here!)

I was thinking about character alignments the other day, and of course, my mind happened to wander to how the characters of Sam & Max would fit in. So I had the urge to make this!


These are just some definitive ones I could think of, with the character who first came to mind when thinking about the different alignments, or what that character's alignment would be... or that fit close enough.
I really wanted to put Papierwaite on here, but he actually goes through several alignments throughout Season 3! He starts out Neutral Evil in 302, then becomes Chaotic Neutral in 303. By 304 and 305, when he's not an antagonist anymore, he settles out to Lawful Neutral (mostly thanks to Norrington!).
Where do you think other characters would fit in as far as alignments on this scale?
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  • Just thinking about this, it's actually pretty hard to categorize everyone like this, as most characters appearing in multiple episodes seem to do things just a little bit differently, and there's no "Just Plain Crazy" category.

    Not sure I'd put Flint Paper in the Lawful Good category, but I'm at a loss for who else would belong there. Maybe Mr. Featherly?
  • Flint Paper could defently fit into the Chaotic Good but I've noticed that he is more of a Lawful Good in the Telltale games than his more homicidal comics version.
  • Superball might work for lawful good. Or perhaps Sal ("What, and lose my job?").
    I'm not sure I'm buying Charlie on chaotic neutral. Better to have someone not clearly on the villain side. I suggest the Mariachi's there ("Andaslongaswestillgettosing... No importe nada!").
  • Flint Paper is clearly not Lawful Good. The Telltale version may be the hinges than his comic counterpart, but he's still very, very far from sane.

    Also, I'd consider Max to be Chaotic Neutral.
  • Noire Sam is Lawful Good.
  • I actually sort of agree about Flint! I wasn't completely sure he'd fit the Lawful Good position, even though he's much more Lawful in the games as opposed to the comics, where he's closer to the Chaotic position of the duo themselves. Maybe Superball would work better, he's definitely Lawful Good (supposedly...). Noir Sam still fits Chaotic Good I think too, especially since he's more chaotic than Sam even normally is.

    A character who's Chaotic Neutral can still be villainous! Usually characters under that alignment can go either way as hero or villain, depending on their personality. I figured with Charlie not really caring about anything except for being Junior's favorite, Chaotic Neutral fit him better than the Evil parts of the scale, even though he's a villain. That's just what I think though! Girl Stinky could also work as Chaotic Neutral.

    Sal probably isn't Lawful Good either considering how he's worked with Girl Stinky. He might be True Neutral, actually.
  • Neither Noir Sam or Sam or Flint Paper are lawful good. C'mon.

    I think the closest we have seen to Has Some Ethics is ironically Sybil.

    Sam, Max and Flint Paper are firmly Chaotic Good.
  • Superball is probably the most Lawful person in the series.
  • But he's Lawful Neutral because he does serve some evil masters sometimes
  • Aw man you're right, crfh, I forgot he worked for Jurgen that one time! Hmm... Plus, we still don't know who his true "superiors" are... yet.
    He's the only one I can think of that'd be closest to Lawful Good though. I guess Flint really is more chaotic, even with him being less so in the games than the comics.
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