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Sorkin vs. Hammond - Nature Preserve or Theme Park?

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After knowing the 1st film for years and now discovering a backstory to it, would you go with Sorkin's idea of having the dinosaurs in a nature preserve or stick with Hammond's idea of a theme park? Why? Which sounds safer?
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  • I believe that it should have been a nature preserve. I do think that tours might have been feasible, but not on the scale of the theme park.
  • I think if I ran the show, id have passive amenteties on the island for "certian visitors" who would be there fore dinosaur research, InGen could have charged universities to visit the island with highly trained teams...
  • I would have kept Isla Nublar a theme park because I just have loved the concept of a dinosaur theme park ever since I saw the movie as a little kid. Another reason I would have kept JP a theme park is that people all around the world would flock to the island to see the magnificient creatures.

    Now let me put this into a scenario. 15 years from now, cloning dinosaurs is succesful and all the dinosaurs would be put into a Nature Preserve. Think of how people would act when they heard this. "Dinosaurs! Back to life! I need to see them!" Well with a nature preserve you can't see them, thus people would continously have the want to see these animals. As the want and demand rises to see the animals and the company who created the preserve will not allow visitors. After so much want and demand to see the dinos, people start illegally getting to the preserve and interrupting the dinosaurs lives and tresspassing security. Once this is heard of, the genetics company would be accused of poor security and if people could get in, dinos could get out! If the illegal visitors were to be killed, this would raise more safety questions. Towards the end of the havoc, the government orders all dinosaurs to be eradicated from Earth, thus destroying the concept of the preserve and dinosaurs themself being on Earth again. Now see what I am saying? Maybe a nature preserve may not be a good idea and a park may be the better.

    I am not saying a park would be perfectly safe either( as seen in the movie :P) but it might keep a genetics company up and running and people happy and satisfied from seeing the dinos.
  • I would turn it into a nature preserve and just let nature take it's course. I would also go along with Sorkin's method and make the Dinosaurs the same way they were millions of years ago.
  • I would (At first) make it a nature preserve to let them be. Only the employees and very few visitors would visit. Then after years and years, on a separate island (Or anywhere to place it) put a theme park.
  • I feel that the Theme park would work better in showcasing the carnivores, not to mention that you couldn't have a nature preserve with any of the larger carnivores on it, because it wouldn't last long
  • Hammond want everyone in the world to enjoy these animals like he said in the movie. But Dr. Sorkin know these animals don't want to behind in fences. I have to agreed with Dr. Sorkin because I too have feeling for the dinosaurs and that they want freedom, including the carnivores. But Hammond is just trying bring happiness to the world unlike the novel version of Hammond.
  • It could be handled in a similar way to the current meerkat studies in the Kalahari -- volunteers are allowed to come, at their own expense, and spend time helping the researchers with field studies, tracking families and individuals and interacting minimally with the animals except for weighing, etc. where contact is necessary.

    I know this is all fantastically speculative, but I would definitely want to sign up for something like that. Counting the eggs in a sauropod's nest would be enough for me!
  • Theme Park if it has only the veggy dino's. Flesh eaters, a nono.
    It could have worked with the fleshies, but there will always be people like Nedry around to screw things up.
  • They should all be destroyed! Just kidding; theme park -or- perhaps a survival training camp.
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