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  • In before the thread gets locked.

    This is funny for all of 10 seconds. It's not really a concept that requires a whole new thread to advertise.
  • Sexy Katana Lord
    Secret of the Banjo Hunter
    Elegant Fishing Dynasty
    Japanese Mutant Dudes
    Fancy Kart Fighter
    John Romero's Go-Kart Starring Mickey Mouse
    Enormous Chess Task Force
    Donkey Kong's Cannibal Battle
    Radioactive Shark Expert
    Twisted Kangaroo from Hell
    First-Person Handgun Rampage
    Lazy Frog in Space
    Cyber Sandwich Jihad
    Cthulhu's Beautician Conspiracy
    Looney Tunes Katana Paratroopers
    Internet Wizard Beatdown
    Mexican Police Knights
    Violent Pirate Kids
    Unholy Karaoke Lord
    Alcoholic Midget Siege
    Strategic Ping Pong - The Resistance
    Samurai Ghost Task Force
    The Muppets Mutant X-treme
    Britney Spears' Bong Football
    Tiger Woods' Love Returns
    Radioactive Badminton - Limited Edition
    Dracula's Makeover Fiasco
    Final Cheese of Doom
    Apathetic Underwear Simulator
    Rock 'n' Roll Raccoon Preacher

    All of these games. I want them!
  • Someone needs to make:
    Mystic Jetpack Inferno
  • Fatal Bimbo Crusade? Oh, pretty much a remake of the Tomb Raider games!
  • Really, guys, you know better.

    There IS a forum-games section. Please learn to post stuff like this over there.
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