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The Kickstarter/Crowdfunding thread

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Since there's probably going to be a fair few Kickstarter projects that aren't done by Tim Schafer, I thought it might be nice to start a separate thread for all the little games on Kickstarter that don't get as much exposure.

For example: Feeble's Fable: The Legend of Runes by Atomic Chimp Games. Another point-and-click adventure game, but this one is going for more of a cute and charming feel. It definitely looks interesting, though they've nowhere near the backing they need. :(

And another: Americana Dawn by one guy, Max K. Lambert. It's a freeware retro-styled RPG about the French & Indian War and the American War for Independence. Kickstarter page is a little bare (he doesn't actually say what he needs the money for, for one), but it looks like an awesome game.

So let's see what other Kickstarter projects you think is worth shining a little light on!
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  • I mentioned it on another site -COUGH-doublefine-COUGH- but yeah, I'm pretty on-board with this!

    There's been a couple of other games that ONLY JUST reached their funding goals lately - namely Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim and Knite and the Ghost Lights, both of which I'm looking forward to.

  • In reply to divisionten

    [URL=""]Auditorium Duet[/URL]. Back it. Please. Auditorium is made of so much win and they really deserve your support. link

    Auditorium Duet. Back it. Please. Auditorium is made of so much win and they really deserve your support.

    Wow... I just saw this post. Much belated thanks for the shout out!

  • Just bought Doug TenNapel's SketchBook Vol 2 on KickStarter! :D

    Also recommending it to any Earthworm Jim \ The Neverhood fan (or Armikrog!), I really like his art
    and his first sketchbook was really great, I was so sad I missed it (he only makes copies
    for the backers, and the copies backers sell at ebay are at least double\triple the price!)
    so this is a great chance, only 4 days left to get it! ^^

  • Hey, remember how Shadowrun: Returns was mostly a Steam thing with the whole DRM-Free aspect being essentially a worse product as a result?

    Not any more!

    Thanks to a new agreement we were able to negotiate with our partners at Microsoft, Harebrained Schemes is pleased to announce that we are now able to release fully DRM-free versions of Shadowrun Returns and future expansions such as Berlin.


    The DRM-free versions of SRR and Berlin will continue to be fully supported. You’ll be able to download all game patches, use the Shadowrun Returns editor and experience user-generated content downloaded from third-party sites such as Nexus.


    We’re starting work to get Shadowrun Returns available on right now - not sure how long that will take but we’ll let you know as soon as we have an answer.


    We’re very excited we’re finally able to offer Shadowrun DRM-free to everyone and look forward to making it available!

  • The creator of Billy and Mandy has a kickstarter for a new web show
    It's got 20 hours, $7,300 to go, and is continuously getting more donations. It could go either way and I want to see this backed!

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    Seems like Kickstarters are having a really hard time during the release of two new consoles. Festival of Magic, to me, seems like the thing people usually would have backed instantly. I mean, PC console style JRPG?

    I still have a real problem with the backer rewards - of course, because they only give away Steam keys to backers. 'Freedom for games', but tie your backers to the largest publisher in PC history, that's what I'd personally call a philosophy paradox. But they ARE in talks with other DRM free platforms and have no problem with eventually distributing the game DRM free.

    There's an alpha demo as well, and I've spent quite some happy hours with it yesterday.

    Try this... these guys should get a chance.

  • Our long national nightmare is over. Broken Age will be available to Kickstarter backers on January 14th. No word on when it opens for Early Access on Steam, though.

    Edit: I asked Tim Schafer if the January 14th date also included Early Access and he said no.

  • Yeah, January 14th is the date for the beta. As far as I recall it's supposed to be available on Steam Early Access about two weeks after that, so around January 28th.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    Waiting for the DRM free backer version, which of course means I'm out of any discussion and of course the backer videos as well. Thanks, Tim!

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    Waiting for the DRM free backer version, which of course means I'm out of any discussion and of course the backer videos as well. Thanks, Tim! link

    I might have to wait too, because I haven't been able to get Steam to connect for like a month now. But why does that mean you're out of the discussion and backer videos? Or are you saying that you didn't back it because it was Steam-only?

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