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(Mac Os X) Back to the future : Corrupted Dmg

posted by Lonemonkey on - last edited - Viewed by 378 users

I have buy the complete season of Back to The future, but i can't download all the episodes. The first chapter is working perfectly, but when i try to get the other episodes, i always get an error message when installing them on my Mac Os X 10.7.3.
The error message tells me that dmg files are corrupted or damaged.
I already try to download them again, but it still the same issue.
Could you help me with this please ?

Best Regards

Jonathan Vence
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  • Hi johnathan! I'm a volunteer moderator and not staff but I have a pretty good handle on some of the Mac issues.

    First, did you make sure that the file was downloaded properly and did not cop out mid-download? This often causes the files to be read as corrupted.

    If you're certain that they've been downloaded properly, pleas try this.

    If it doesn't work, post here again.

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