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Having trouble with all Sam&Max Games (Steam)

posted by Nyarlot on - last edited - Viewed by 108 users
I purchased the full Sam&Max pack on Steam a few months ago, and I played through them all no problem, until recently. I tried to start Sam&Max 106, after a few weeks of not playing, and it brings up the "launching game" on steam, it even brings up the notification to my friends that I'm playing, but shortly afterwards it disappears and the .exe disappears from my processes. I've tried verifying the cache, and re-installing, neither have worked. I have heard the game has problems with dual monitors, so I disabled and even unplugged my second monitor, but I still have the problem.

The games have worked before, so I doubt it's a hardware issue. The only thing I could see it being is something with the 2nd monitor because that's all that has changed since I last played. How can I fix this?
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  • I just tried running the SamMax106.exe instead of running it through Steam and it error'd saying "Could not load game data! Make sure you are running the application from the directory it was installed to."

    And when I try to run in Windows XP compatibility mode it gives me the "Could not initialize Direct3d" error.
  • Aha! I overlooked something in the FAQ. I removed the LUA_PATH environment variable and Tada! it works. Thanks Telltale :)
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