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Final episodes available on PC!

posted by Tjibbbe on - last edited - Viewed by 453 users
It seems we're now able to download the last two episodes on PC as well! Downloading this as we speak, but I don't know when I'll be able to play them. I'm looking forward to everyone's comments on the episodes, and on the season as a whole.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Thanks for the info... as TTG seems to not supply it via its blog... ;)
  • Well, considering how the episodes went... well, they weren't bad at all, but the best episodes of the series are certainly not the last two.
  • yeah i'm really enjoying the game at the moment, but probably because i love the show and am trying to get my law and order fix where ever i can get it. shame they arnt making any new ones. I'm in the UK and will not watch law and order UK for the simple fact they turned it in to a kitchen sink soap opera and it has non of the tensions or power of the originals, along with horrid actors. They could have done much better but they got a comedian to be in the main role and think he is a terrible actor which put me off. maybe it will get better i dont know, i hope so as its one of the only ones left with SVU and dont want it to sully the name of law and order.

    sorry for the rant lol.

    would love a criminal intent game where we get to be bobby goren and eames.
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