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Walkingdead pre-order/almost everything pack

posted by RickGrimesGA on - last edited - Viewed by 204 users
Hi, I pre-ordered the walking dead game with the almost everything pack for 42.49. I used a U.S cellular rebate card and was charged for it. it shows up under my transactions but I got to my games on my tell tale account and it says I have not bought anything yet. My order number is #600149757703066 and the issue code I have is 'issue-57605'
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  • Per my reply to your email, you weren't charged for that order. Please contact your financial institution to determine why they're not authorizing the charge.
  • Yah thanks just checked my email. I called guess online purchases with a rebate card just takes a few days for it to go through its been authorized buy hasnt been purchased yet so u guys should get a payment for the game pack soon.
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