HEEELP!!! Episode 3 - Chapter 9

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Hello guys, I will go right to the point couse' I'm desperate!!!

I'm at 3rd Episode, in chapter 9, and it doesn`t keep going!!! why is this??? any ideas?

I finish the chapter, and then it sends me to the main menu, but chapter 10 is still locked!!!

I already tried getting the graphics lower, turning off and on the subtitles..

I have been playing the same Chapter for about 2 month! please help! I really want to finish it!!! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(


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    What are you playing on? That'll help narrow it down.
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    thanks for your interest, I was playing at PC, but I already hadle it, I had to download a fished saved game file, and I played what I wasn't able before that time... It was the easiest way I found.. thanks anyway! :)
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