$25 vs. $10

Just curious. Why exactly is the physical copy of all 5 Back to the Future episodes only $10 while the downloadable version is $25. I mean you do have to add in the relatively high shipping and handling of almost $8, but you would figure it would be the other way around. With digital download there is no packaging, no shipping, no handling. Hell, there's not even any bonus features. You would think that the physical copy would definitely cost the higher price and that the digital download would be $10, which would be in line with the pricing on the iOS platform, since episode 1 is free and 2 through 5 are now $3 each ($12). Just wondering if anyone else found this odd.

Anyway, guess I won't be buying it for my Mac. I already own all five episodes on my PS3 and I have 1 & 2 on my iPad (bought 2 because of the $3 price and will likely acquire the others gradually for this price). I was considering getting the Mac version but I'm not shelling out another $20 - $25 bucks. Already have episode 1, guess that will be it. Also strange that the digital downloads aren't also sold through the app store like the iPad version. Anyway, guess that's it.


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    Bundled projects almost always cost lower than it would be to buy them all individually. That's how it works.
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    But how much is $80!?
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