Jurassic Park: Setting controller after choosing mouse control

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Hi there!

I recently purchased the Walkig Dead preorder + the almost everything pack, and I decided to start with Jurassic Park.
First time I started it, I had to choose between mouse control or a controller pad. So I rushed to my room, searched for my PS3/PC pad (BIGBEN PS3PAD), pluged it, and tryed to select CONTROLLER PAD option. I was unable, so I thought it may be because I had just pluged it, so I chosed mouse control, as I thought I could change it in the future.

I restarted my computer and tryed to play with the controller pad, but I can't find the way to select it. I uninstalled the game and nothing.

Can you please tell me how can I activate my controller pad control so I can play with it?



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    You can change the control options from the Settings menu after you've first started the game, prior to actually loading a save or beginning an episode.
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