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Back to the Future DVD - Any kind of DRM?

posted by Incognito on - last edited - Viewed by 174 users
Like the subject says, does the DVD contain any kind of DRM?

*Securom or crap like that?
*Is the disc required to be in the drive when you play it?

I just might get the collectors edition of I get my games DRM free, but I will probably hesitate and just be satisfied with my downloads at my telltale account if not.
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  • I got an answer from the support through mail, and the dissapointing answer was the BTTF does have a disc check.

    Seriously Telltale, how can you require such a thing now? I haven´t played a game that requires that disc to be in the drive since 2006 on PC, and that is without pirating. My laptop doesn´t even have an internal optical drive, just an USB one, and if I upgrade my Mac Mini to the latest model, that will not have an optical drive at all.

    I do have the download version of the game, so I can play the game, but this seems so odd since the disc versions more or less are rewards for those who have bought the game already. Such rewards must be DRM free. I have no objections to the activation system for the download versions, but don´t do these things to the disc versions.
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