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Replay Games Kickstarter / KQ/SQ/LSL Rights

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Bit off topic, but someone from Replay Games mentioned trying to get the rights to King's Quest in their Leisure Suit Larry Kickstarter comments. Also SPACE QUEST!

Replay Games about 1 hour ago
@Perdition - we're way ahead of you!! Scott is ready to jump on board, we already spoke to him. Mark, however, can't since he works for Foundation 9, a developer / publisher and he would have a "conflict of interest" as he put it. Having said that, however, the last game, Space Quest 6, was all Scott & Josh (no Mark Crowe involvement) so we think we can hold pretty true to the SQ franchise with those two geniuses on board. We're in the middle of negotiating the rights for King's Quest as well as Space Quest & Police Quest too. :) It all depends on the success of this first game, though.....everybody wants to see how much demand is out there.

Doesn't mean much.. Unless Telltale is passing on the franchise? They ought to jump on that before Replay gets the muppets back together!
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  • KatieHal wrote: »
    I just don't really understand how anyone can say Jane's Kickstarter was too ambiguous in comparison to the DFA one. She had three potential game ideas up, with concept art even, whereas DFA just had "we want to make an old-school adventure game" and that's all.

    And I don't really understand how the relative ambiguity of the two projects has even the slightest importance -- the campaigns were never running concurrently so it's not like anybody was faced with making a choice between the two.

    All Kickstarter proposed games involve far more unknown aspects than known. For instance, none of the proposals give any idea as to what the gameplay will be like, and to me that's the most important thing. So all you can really get from a comparison is ultimately trivial, eg. Jensen's project is 3 percent less ambiguous than DFA! Is that really the best you can say about her campaign? Please, for the love of Jane, consider how silly raising comparisons with DFA seem to those not already predisposed toward supporting Jensen. You're wasting opportunities to point out all the good things about the games she's identified and Pinkerton's potential in general.
  • I didn't start the talk (or complaining) about ambiguity. For me, personally, I think Jane's game(s) are going to be awesome and I can't wait to play them. Anyone who isn't sure, I highly recommend checking out her previous games, or even just go watch a Let's Play of them.

    Related news, the Two Guys from Andromeda have joined the Kickstarter fray!
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