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Replay Games Kickstarter / KQ/SQ/LSL Rights

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Bit off topic, but someone from Replay Games mentioned trying to get the rights to King's Quest in their Leisure Suit Larry Kickstarter comments. Also SPACE QUEST!

Replay Games about 1 hour ago
@Perdition - we're way ahead of you!! Scott is ready to jump on board, we already spoke to him. Mark, however, can't since he works for Foundation 9, a developer / publisher and he would have a "conflict of interest" as he put it. Having said that, however, the last game, Space Quest 6, was all Scott & Josh (no Mark Crowe involvement) so we think we can hold pretty true to the SQ franchise with those two geniuses on board. We're in the middle of negotiating the rights for King's Quest as well as Space Quest & Police Quest too. :) It all depends on the success of this first game, though.....everybody wants to see how much demand is out there.

Doesn't mean much.. Unless Telltale is passing on the franchise? They ought to jump on that before Replay gets the muppets back together!
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  • I hope that this game is successful and that the Sierra alumni get financial backing and support on original projects as a result. Maybe, if these projects are successful, it might even jolt the Queen of Adventure Gaming, Mrs. Roberta Williams, herself out of quiet retirement. The world of adventure gaming needs her innovative mind at work once more, and it's been far too long since we've heard from her. Now getting Roberta back in the game might seem to be a hope against hope, BUT, five years ago, could anyone have foreseen this level of renewed adventure game interest, let alone this much Sierra adventure game related activity and interest? I see this as being a time where anything is possible--I am an optimist.

    Five or six years ago, Sierra and it's adventure games seemed totally dead and buried outside of fan games and our memories; The developers of the classics we love were seemingly retired for good, great adventure gaming seemed a thing of the past, relegated to a tiny niche market...But now we have a good number of the greatest Sierra designers and writers out working on new adventure games, we have on our hands probably the most interest in the adventure genre since the late '90s, we have Telltale working on a new, official KQ game that won't be a total perversion (ala Vivendi's LSL sequels), it's a damn good time to be a Sierra or adventure game fan.

    Long live the legacy of Sierra, and long may this revival last! I wish nothing but success to Jane Jensen, Al Lowe, the Two Guys from Andromeda, Josh Mandel, and any and all Sierra alumni who have put themselves back into the game. And I thank them all for the treasures and memories they helped give us in the past through their creativity.

    And in closing, I thank ALL of the fan game groups who have kept Sierra's spirit alive throughout these long years--AGDI, Phoenix, IA, and every fan who ever penned a fan story or did a piece of fan art. All of you are as much responsible for this revival as any Kickstarter campaign could ever be.

    Merlin: You brought me back. Your love brought me back. Back to where you are now. In the land of dreams.
  • I don't know if Roberta has any want or will to get back into it. She and Ken are quite financially comfortable, compared to the authors who are getting back in to it.

  • I think Ken said he and Roberta have taken up a writing... Topics on history and boating or some such... Not sure if they have any books released yet though.
  • Just donated. Hoping for more from Replay Games, i like what they have done so far. SQ is my no.1 favourite though.
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    According to a 'fireside chat' with Lowe, he stated he would like to see the rest of the Larry games brought up to date as well as a new Larry. Assuming this first remake is financially successful (which it appears to be thus far), I'd say the possibility of Replay\Codemasters pursing remakes of the rest stands a good chance.

    A new larry however is a whole different beast. the guys doing the art for this remake are from Israel I believe, and it is quite easy to draw newer graphics based on existing screens. A new game would require concept art, story outlines, puzzle development, dialog, etc... which is quite a bit more intensive than these remakes.
  • I don't know why there would need to be a remake of LSL7, or even LSL6 (there is a hires SVGA version out there)... Albeit, they do need improved patching for modern computers...

    But I would like to see a make/remake of the mysterious LSL4, ;).
  • I would like to see a remake of the Laffer Utilities ;)
  • I'd like to see a new Conquests game. That series had a lot of potential.
  • I'd like to see Conquests of the Grendel: The Story of Beowulf!

    Or maybe something based around Ivanhoe!
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    I loved the Conquest games. They did a great job of mixing historical information with entertaining gameplay. I didn't get to play Conquests of the Longbow until a few years ago, and I was surprised by the depth of possible endings.

    When they speak of remaking "all" the Larry games, I'm really not sure what that encompasses Considering the new art style mimics LSL7, it does not make sense to redo that game other than from a 'getting it to run on modern hardware' perspective. I would not be interested in funding that however, as dosbox works just fine for me.

    In the second fireside chat Al specifically talks about LSL4. He has joked in the past that he did it as a joke, simply because he was poking fun at the sequential nature of all the sierra games at the time. Another time I heard him say that by the time it would release, all the other sierra games would be on part 5 by that time, and they wanted to catch up. In this chat however, I think he presents the most plausible explanation. Essentially Larry 3 wrapped everything up very nicely. He said he didn't really know how to begin part 4, and one day it occured to him that if he skipped pat 4 he culd start Larry anywhere he wanted with a wink towards part 4 as where it all went wrong.

    On the other hand, Larry was happy at the end of all his games, and that never stopped Lowe from finding ways to make him a single loser again next time around.

    Other than part 2 and 3 which geographically relate to each other, the rest of the games could technically be played in any order and you would never really know it, save for a short sequence in the beginning that *ruins* or explains away the last game.

    The only thing LSL5 lacks that would make it a perfectly acceptable part 4 is some brief line in the beginning that says something like, "Larry's software business never took off and his wife left him."

    Now suddenly it picks up right where part 3 left off.
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