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Jurassic Park:Trespasser remake game

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Hey, For the last month or so I've been working on a remake of the Jurassic park game Trespasser in my spare time.I have been modelling and building Isla sorna/site B based loosely on the 1997 game and I am close to finishing the first section level of the environment.Below are some images of the starting point plane crash site and the foundations of the site B hotel.You can find out more info on my blog and feel free to comment/ask questions

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  • Here's some additional work in progress images from a few weeks back,one is of the bamboo guest lodge over looking an open herbivore area,the second is a partly built monorail station and the skylift platform which leads into the mountains.Newer version has a visitor centre on the cliff outlook also the terrain textures and plants in these are just temporary,I'm working on replacing them now.

  • cool :), but I want to see some dino models though
  • Sh*t son. When can i play this piece of art?
  • I'm working on figuring out how the dinosaurs/AI can be done this week and hopefully figuring out more of the gameplay stuff,at the moment its just an environment but working hard to get at least some basic gameplay started.Should be some updates next week as I find out more.
  • Nice! Can't wait to see it finished and get to play it, it looks great :D
  • heres an update on what ive been working on today,mostly plants,rocks and terrain stuff..
  • OMG dude, this is freaking amazing!!!
  • You said it, when do you think this will be out vagrantart?
  • Jurassic#2 wrote: »
    You said it, when do you think this will be out vagrantart?

    Most of the modelling for the first level is almost done,I'm working on getting the terrain finished and adding all the plant detailing.This area follows the original Trespasser game fairly close so the first dinosaur would be a brachiosaurus I think,I was hoping to get to work to work figuring how to animate it in the game within the next week.I'm adding more and more stuff daily like First person shooter setup,music and audio.

    I might release just the environment as a demo though just to see how well it runs and what people think of it,that would be a lot sooner,the dino AI is the big hurdle I think.Working alone on this project so if it comes to it I might try and get help with the AI.
  • COOL!:cool: I hope you figure out the AI on the dinosaurs!:)
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