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Jurassic Park:Trespasser remake game

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Hey, For the last month or so I've been working on a remake of the Jurassic park game Trespasser in my spare time.I have been modelling and building Isla sorna/site B based loosely on the 1997 game and I am close to finishing the first section level of the environment.Below are some images of the starting point plane crash site and the foundations of the site B hotel.You can find out more info on my blog and feel free to comment/ask questions

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  • cool! You should make a third person view of Anne too! That way you could play in either third person view or first person view like the fallout games almost.
  • Update- Dino AI is on its way!.spent some time last night looking at the animation and AI and I now have a very basic dinosaur animated in my game.At the moment its simply walking through the environment and the next step will be scripting it to react to the player (e.g attack) but its a big step forward.It will take a lot of work from rigging to scripting but seeing a dino in the game is huge relief.

    The player character wont actually be Anne from the original Trespasser,I decided this a while back but Anne will get a mention in the game.I dont know about having 3rd person perspective,never thought about it a lot so im not sure how that works in Unity.
  • that's so true blood killer, you should make it where she can be in third person, It would make the game a whole lot better if you did. That's cool that you started the AI of the dinos! I bet it's going to be the best remake ever!
  • I done my first animation test last night and got a fully animated dino in game,next step is figuring out how to script it to interact with the player,here's some more environment updates also..

  • I just want to share my thoughts about your remake:

    The pics I've seen so far really capture the unique style of Trespasser and what I really love is that you don't try to rebuild the original setting but rather recreate it.

    For one thing it gives you a certain amount of creative freedom. You can arrange things like you want to stage it. It's a Trespasser of your mind.

    And for another thing it allowes you to expand the Trespasser universe. This doesn't only mean more personal input by you - the creator - but also a lot more to explore and discover for us - the players.

    So you can try to catch up with the initial goals of Trespasser (We all know that there were really a lot of things that just didn't make it into the final game. Honestly, most of them weren't included.)
    And as you already mentioned, you seem to stay true to the gameplay design of the original Trespasser: It was never meant to be a 3D-shooter with dinosaurs, it was a FPSG (first-person-survival-game) where you have to deal with a lifelike world and make your way through it with adventure-like problem solving: use everyday things, arrange them in clever ways and try to take advantage of the natural environment which works like in reality.

    I dunno how flexible the unity-engine is and what can be realized but like the other Jurassic Park mods the main concern would be the animation of a dinosaur and how it can interact with the player.
    Most of the modders are really talented in modelling and texturing. There was a Jurassic Park mod for Far Cry which also had nice models, there was X-Isle - a mod that was dedicated to the demo of the first cryengine.
    Now we have Jurassic Life, a Half Life² modification, Return to Jurassic Park which uses the cry engine 2 and a guy who also tries to remake Trespasser for Crysis.

    But despite the topic of Jurassic Park they all have something else in common: huge problems in implementing an animated dinosaur that moves more or less believeable and interacts with the player.
    When showing models and/or levels all the mods progress very fast but when it comes to animation, they often stop and as time goes by the mods tend to die.

    And it's so easy to understand: as long as you are successfull and see development the motivation is on top. But when you get stuck, work keeps being intense but there's no success or progress and then the motivation goes down rapidly.

    So as it seems a rather easy task to create the levels, models and textures, I always think the main concern or primary goal for a Jurassic Park mod would be the animation and interaction with dinosaurs in the game engine.
    If that works, if that's achieved, we all know it's just a matter of level design and modelling stuff that has do be done. And as the past of all mods has shown, there are a lot of people who are really great in that.

    So especially for your remake of Trespasser I am very curious about your success on animation and I really hope you manage to get it into the unity-engine.
    All the other work you have shown just proofs that you are not only very good in modelling and texturing but also in staying true to the heart of Trespasser. What it wanted to be, how it felt and what it aimed for.
    For me your project is more interesting than the Crysis-Trespasser-remake because you don't copy the original game. Maybe the unity engine isn't as impressive as the Cry-Engine but for me it's rather uninspiring to simply "hi-res the game" of 1998.
    You interprete it. It has more artistic value.

    So good luck and keep up your impressive work!
  • Whoa!:eek: Lots of text.
  • I think Unity engines more flexible than most engines to some extent,certainly you can learn a wider variety of stuff for it that in Cryengine would take a longer too discover.I was trying cryengine3 the other night but even on low settings it runs slow on my laptop, there's no doubt it would be better suited for a JP project ,whenever I can upgrade to a good pc maybe I will try importing my models.You can see in most of my screenshots I've had to be careful about how many plants there are but this will increase as i optimize and test.
    The AI I genuinely think can be achieved,the question is how advanced it will be,I will be starting with a simple script and handful of animations and hopefully work from there.Once the basics are in I think randomised animations will be a lot easier and features like the Trex attack only being triggered by movement shouldn't be too difficult.
  • It's been a while, have you added anything to the remake Trespasser Game Vagrantart? Or do you have any update ideas you are working on?
  • Hey, Haven't updated in a while but im looking for anyone who could help with Unity scripting.I need a basic enemy AI script that uses waypoints,something simple with just a few actions (attack,idle,run) to get me started.If anyone can help would be much appreciated
  • Looks amazing, dude. Keep it up.
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