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Jane Jensen's Pinkerton Road Studio

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Just in case anyone hasn't seen it yet, Jane Jensen has a kickstarter up for her new adventure-gaming focused company:

This kickstarter is moving along, but slowly. If you haven't pledged yet and you're interested in adventure games, please consider it! The Gabriel Knight series is a classic - some of the best adventures ever, in my opinion - and Gray Matter was pretty fun, too.
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  • It got mentioned, although it was somewhat briefly, in the Kickstarter thread I started just before the mad rush of projects following in the wake of Double Fine.

    The problem preventing me from backing it is that this isn't for one solid game - it's for a new development cycle that will allow you to help support a couple of games that have yet to be decided upon.

    If I knew, for example, that they were making a Grey Matter 2, I'd back it. But that's not a definite - it could well be that my money goes to help them develop something I don't want in the least. And given that I'm supposed to be saving money for a holiday, I could put the money towards something that I actually want (selfish as that may sound) rather then have it invested in something I don't.

    I wish the company, and Jane Jensen, all the best, but with so many other Kickstarter projects competing for my moolah, I need more than a possibility for something before I commit with my hard-earned cash.

    Also, if I back it and they do make (for example) Grey Matter 2, I'll get it as a reward for backing. If I don't back it and they make GM2, then I'll probably buy it. Somehow, I'm OK with that compromise.

    EDIT: Should point out that the vote to decide which game will be made is being held this weekend - the 14th and 15th of April - while the Kickstarter drive ends next month. So it could well be that Grey Matter 2 is indeed the next game they make. If so, I'll probably end up backing it!
  • Money is tight at the moment, so I'm afraid to say that it's 'Gabriel Knight IV' or nothing for me. Still, I wish Jane Jensen the best of luck with the Kickstarter and I'm certain that I'll buy a copy of whatever she makes at some point, should the funding be successful.

    I'm just waiting for the Tex Murphy Kickstarter to um... kick off.
  • Yeah, I'm going to wait until something can actually be announced before I decide.
  • This is a project I'm very interested in, the whole idea of paying towards a year's worth of development in advance. I don't mind the fact that there isn't a solid game on offer, other than the fact that it'll be an adventure game written by Jane Jensen which really is more than enough for me. Hell, with three game concepts provided there's a lot more solid info on what to expect than Tim Schafer has provided up to now (and I have different reasons for backing the DFA but that is beside the point of this thread).

    I must say that I am a little disappointed that the reaction to this project hasn't been positive overall but that may change after the voting this weekend and it's clear what the main end product (as there is at least one other thing coming from them, it being a kids e-book which is already in development and has just been tacked on to the kickstarter 'cos it's actually what they're working on right now or at least so I guess) will be. I also see this as a long term project, getting funding now for projects this year could very well lead to them obtaining the licence for the Gabriel Knight series and making the GK4 that a lot of people (myself included) really want in the near future (like in a year or two or so).
  • From what Jane said (in her post on the Double Fine backer forums at least) Moebius is the one she is most interested in doing first, but all 3 games will be made eventually.
  • Moebius seems like the "spiritual successor" to Gabriel Knight, so that makes sense.

    The "Anglophile Adventure" concept is increasingly growing on me, though. Once she explained it as a Jane Austen-esque sex comedy... I think that has potential!
  • I am seriously considering supporting this (probably at the $30 level).
  • I'm hoping that after the voting, the kickstarter will see a surge in backers.
  • I may back this...but I'm thinking if I do back it and there is possibility for GK IV..I'm all in.
  • chrisopherson1921;595789 said:
    Please stop with the kickstarter already!
    No no no, it's Kickstarters. If you're gonna pop up and make random comments, make 'em right.
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